Is being overweight causing harassment in the community?

Hey ya team.

Well what a loaded tittle that is.

Some of you may have seen 20/20 item in mid Feb about Fat Activism, and in particular seen articles recently of Cat Pause, a 135kg University professor from Palmerston North.

In the article and on her blog she talks a lot about fat/overweight people not having the same rights as “normal” people”.  I wonder if that is the case?  I certainly have not seen “weight inspired abuse” when it comes to having equal rights.  Yes I would be the first person that admits there is weight inspired bullying.  There has been for years.  And I personally think that sucks.  As a guy who experienced a lot of racial bullying in intermediate and high school, any form of bullying is not right.  Whether it is weight, race, sexual preference or gender and religious related.

No form of bullying should be allowed.  But unfortunately it is in every aspect of our lives.

Now I am not 110% sticking up for Cat by the way.  She does talk a lot about being obese/fat is alright and there is no health issues and that a lot of it is media/ political verbatim that gets banded around and used as scare tactics.

Well, I would suggest Cat take herself out of little old PN and head to South Auckland where obesity related Type 2 is a massive killer in this country.  And over a third is undiagnosed.  Latest  research shows over 200000 kiwis suffer from this.  I guess denial can be blinding?

Will some people call me harsh?  yep.  Heck some will call me a “fit person against fat person” for writing about this.  But I felt so strongly about this after reading it that I had to write about it (I even stopped work on REDEMPTION 2012) to work on this.  Maybe I should invite Cat to it?

If you want to comment on it, please do.  Check out her sight.  I do applaud her for sticking up for what she is doing.  But I think she is misguided in believing that being obese is healthy.

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