Time to take the handbrake off

Hey team.

I hope you are all amazing this Easter?

I have wanted to write this for the last few weeks, but didn’t know how to write it up.  It came to me today whilst paddling out on the Auckland harbour, and as soon as I could, I have jumped on the PC to share my thought.

It is very simply, TAKE THE F$%KEN HANDBRAKE OFF.

What does that mean?

It means when you are training, give it all!  Don’t let the mind try and and stop you, don’t let the the thought of looking at the workout and going “Damn it looks too hard”. Don’t get the mental handbrake and yank it.  Its hard for a reason.  Doing something half assed, doing something that does not take you out of your comfort zone means simply that you will not change your self and you will not get the best results you want.

Does it seem harsh.  Yes it does.  But look, I am not asking you to be an elite athlete, all I am asking is that you push yourself that little buit further in your training this week.  It will make a world of difference about how you feel.

Or you can stay the same.  Your choice.

Have a great week

The Chief

Hard work + Dedication = Results




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